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Quotes & Testimonials

"All of the technology in the world will never replace the power in the touch of the hand..."


"Every time that I come for my DentalSpa™ appointment, it takes 10 years of stress off of me."

"I look forward to getting me teeth cleaned every 6 months. Anyone who hasn't taken advantage of the DentalSpa™ cleaning needs to try it out!"

“I don’t even relax this much when I sleep!”

“Why would anyone have their teeth cleaned any other way?"

“You’re [to the Oraspa™ Therapist] the best part of my day!”

“Having the DentalSpa™ therapy is like a mini-vacation to a world-class spa”

“Can I get my teeth cleaned again next week? I don't want to leave.”

“This must be how the movie stars get their teeth cleaned!”

“Having your teeth cleaned any other way (than the DentalSpa™) is barbaric”

“Thank you very much for introducing me to Oraspa™ – it was a wonderful experience and it's all I can talk about!! I wanted to write and share the name of the dentist my husband goes to so they can get that [Oraspa™] in their practice too."

"My job has me moving frequently. After this experience I will only go to an Oraspa™ practice."

"Amy [Oraspa™ Therapist], I will most likely keep coming to you whenever I visit Kansas.  You've been the answer to all my dental discomforts!  I never thought that going to the dentist would be something to look forward to!"


"You [Oraspa™] have changed my dental practice completely...Thank You!"

"This is going to be something really big in the future of dentistry"

"Thank you so much for creating the DentalSpa™. Our patients have never been happier and are eager to return. You are a real blessing, this has enriched all of our lives as well."

“My patients love the DentalSpa™. There are no “DIS-appointments and definitely fewer cancellations. They [patients] even come early!”

“My dental office is not a dental spa; we are a general family practice, since we have offered the DentalSpa™ service, my patients think they are coming to a resort!”

"My staff has never been happier. This has created an exciting energy with my whole dental team! Thank you!"

Oraspa™ Therapists/Hygienists

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to make my dental hygiene career!”

“This is the perfect combination between dentistry and alternative therapy.”

“The DentalSpa™ has made my 3 and 4 month cleaning schedule not a problem, even if insurance doesn’t pay.”

“My no-show or frequently cancelled patients are converts in consistency and arriving on time due to Oraspa™."

“Oraspa therapy is reciprocal therapy whereas I benefit as much as the patients.”