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Calendar of 2017/18 Courses and Events

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Saturday/Sunday October 14-15, 2017  DentalSpa™ Fairfield County, Connecticut

Friday/Saturday November 3-4, 2017  DentalSpa™ Course Sparta, New Jersey

Friday/Saturday November 10-11, 2017  
DentalSpa™ Course Chicago, Illinois

Friday/Saturday November 17-18, 2017  DentalSpa™ Fairfield County, Connecticut

Friday/Saturday December 1-2, 2017  DentalSpa™ Course Chicago, Illinois

Friday/Saturday January 26-27, 2018  DentalSpa™ Course Orlando, Florida

Saturday/Sunday February 17-18, 2018  DentalSpa™ Fairfield County, Connecticut

Friday/Saturday March 9-10, 2018  DentalSpa™ Fairfield County, Connecticut

Friday/Saturday April 13-14, 2018  DentalSpa™ Fairfield County, Connecticut